10 SEO Goals You Should Work On For 2021

SEO Goals You Should Work On For 2021

SEO is a hugely important part of keeping your business running these days. With good SEO, your online visibility is going to be consistently higher, which in turn means that would-be customers can easily find you, and are more likely to discover you accidentally too. You probably already have certain SEO practices in place, but if you are keen to improve things as much as possible, there might be a number of other goals you want to focus on too. Here is the article by AAM Consultants about the main goals you should aim to achieve in 2021 in order to improve your SEO across the board.

1. Increase Your Organic Traffic

One of the primary SEO goals all businesses should aim for next year is to increase the organic traffic that your website receives. In fact, organic traffic is one of those valuable metrics that can tell you so much about what kind of level of SEO success you are getting. Boosting organic traffic opens you up to the possibility of getting so many more customers, and gives all the right signals to search engines that your content is truly valuable. You should aim for a specific percentage increase of your organic traffic – the figure of which we will leave up to you, as it really depends so much on your specifics.

2. Make Your SEO More Mobile-Responsive

Today, 52% of all website traffic comes from mobile phones. You would therefore simply not be doing this whole SEO thing right if you did not think about making it as mobile-responsive as possible. But what does it really take to make this a reality? First of all, consider mobile in your designs, and make sure that your website functions well and looks right on mobile devices. Secondly, develop a specific mobile SEO strategy: you can compare desktop and mobile keywords, and improve your mobile-driven analytics in such a way as to make your SEO so much more mobile-friendly.

3. Improve Backlinks

With all the other, newer bells and whistles that you find in SEO these days, it’s still important not to forget about some of the bare bones of the whole art. One of those that you really can’t afford to overlook is the whole issue of backlinks. Getting those high-quality backlinks to your website is still one of the best ways to boost domain strength and your overall ranking, so make sure you are looking into this in 2021 if you think you might need to. Remember: fewer, more authoritative links is better than more, lower-quality ones.

4. Increase Site Speed

One way to think about upgrading your SEO in 2021 is to look at things from your user’s perspective. Generally, you need to make sure that you are making things as easy and enjoyable for them as possible, and one way to do that is to ensure you keep the site speed of your website as high as possible. To do that, put the most important or useful information upfront, organise the site logically and clearly, and check your site’s loading speed regularly, removing any bugs where necessary. All of that is going to make a profound difference to the quality of the website in the eyes of your users – and in the eyes of Google.

5. Diversify Your Pages

For all of the pages you have that tend to bring in a lot of traffic, you need to make sure that you are keeping them as diverse as you can. Why? Because when your ranking depends too much on just one or two pages, it limits the pool of potential customers that might find you. You want your site to be respected for providing a number of useful pages rather than just the one. That means you want a good mix of landing pages, blog posts, and top-level pages.

6. Pursue Long-Tail Keywords

As SEO matures, it is only becoming more and more obvious that long-tail keywords are so much more useful and important than one or two word phrases. You generally want to rely as much as possible on three to four word, specific keywords, rather than generic one-word options, as much as you can. If you can do that more next year, your SEO will thank you.

7. Stay Ahead Of New Tech

A main SEO objective in 2021, as in any other year, should be to stay ahead of new tech wherever possible, as this is always going to have some effect on your SEO. Immerse yourself fully in the worlds of AI, virtual reality and augmented reality – and see if you can ream up some new SEO options for these technologies before anyone else does.

8. Capture More Featured Snippets

It’s always a hugely important and relevant goal to aim to get those SERP featured snippets – the bits of information that crop up when people search for specific questions. This is great top-of-the-funnel content SEO, and you should ensure you are focusing on it even more next year by providing the world with more specific, useful information that is easily formatted.

9. Keep That Bounce Rate Down

Remember that it’s not just about how many visitors you get on your site, but how long they stay there. The best way to keep your visitors on-site for longer is to make the site attractive and easy to navigate, and to provide them with the information they are looking for as they need it. If you can do that, you are going to keep that bounce rate right down, and that is going to be a hugely important aspect of your SEO in 2021.

10. Voice Search

Finally, don’t forget just how important voice search is, and how likely it is that it is going to be even more important in the near future. If you can spend next year perfecting your SEO for voice search, you are going to be operating ahead of the crowd, and that is likely to provide you with a real boost to your business and your potential sales for the future.

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