MilesWeb cPanel Web Hosting Review: A Look at the Features of This Swadeshi Web Host

There are more than 380 website created every minute. Now this is a big number and it keeps on increasing but all of them requires web hosting. This indicates that the web hosting market is growing along with the web development services.

Everyday plenty of web hosting companies get launched and therefore, there’s a tough competition between them.

Yet, selecting a web hosting provider is the next task. Firstly, you have to decide on which type of hosting option will be suitable for your website. Different web hosting solutions are available such as shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, cloud and other application hosting.

But here we are going to check about cPanel hosting and the best cPanel web hosting provider.

What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting is a control panel that helps you to manage your Linux-based hosting service. Even those who aren’t technically expert can manage the complete web hosting without any technical skills with cPanel. Many people use it to manage their basic and daily tasks such as managing and administering emails.

cPanel web hosting is considered by many web hosts due to its user-friendly interface. With cPanel hosting it becomes easier to create email accounts, setup email forwarders, reset passwords, etc. Setting up domain parking is another well-known cPanel hosting feature by which you can redirect one domain name to another or include multiple domains to host several domain names under a single hosting account.

Now let’s take a look at MilesWeb’s cPanel web hosting.

About MilesWeb (Get the Swadeshi Web Host)

MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting providers that was launched in 2012. Their aim is to fulfil all the web hosting requirements of different websites at the reasonable prices. You will see all types of web hosting options with them as they cater the requirements of all types of websites. Their list of web hosting options contain cheap cPanel hosting, VPS, reseller, dedicated, cloud, cheap WordPress hosting India and application hosting.

They have won awards for their security, performance, customer services and reliability. You get the best performance for your website as they offer 99.95% uptime. Their customer support team is always ready to help you via email and live chat. Moreover, they allow you to claim for the refund only within 30 days of service purchase, if you aren’t happy with their service.

Cheap Web Hosting Plans


Manage FTP Accounts

FTP or File Transfer Protocol helps users in uploading and downloading files, creating or deleting files, organizing files in folders and changing the file permissions. cPanel web hosting makes all these tasks easy with the help of FTP accounts. An FTP account gets automatically created within cPanel after you sign up for the cPanel web hosting plan.  You can create multiple FTP accounts without allowing the access to unknown users. cPanel allows you to give the access to a particular user by allocating that user to a specific directory.

Solid Database Support

Both PostgreSQL and MySQL support cPanel. These structured query languages are used for collecting information from databases. Moreover, this type of hosting offers you a solid database management system. cPanel can also be used to configure remote access to MySQL databases. With this you can access the MySQL databases via the external hosts.

Add Multiple Domains

With cPanel web hosting you can add multiple domains. It also allows you editing of zone files of domains by modifying their records. Users can browse your website with a domain name using the domain aliases in cPanel. Moreover, you can redirect a particular web page to another domain with the help of redirect feature. Sub-domains too can be added with this hosting.

Easy Email Management

Email management has been made easy by cPanel by offering plenty of options. cPanel allows you to create, edit and remove email accounts. May it be modifying password, configuring your mailbox or setting mailbox quote, everything is possible with cPanel. Your emails can be configured with your Gmail account. The mailing list option enables you to send emails to multiple users easily. You can filter the emails as per your requirement and also forward emails to those you want to.

Website Stats Details

You get detailed statistics on different variables such as pages viewed, number of website visitors, returning visitors, IP address of the viewer, most viewed pages, browsers used, operating system of the visitors, ranking of website, etc. With these stats, site owners can enhance their website to meet their users’ requirements and also improve the SEO.

Softaculous 1-Click App Installer

The Softaculous script installer enables used to install applications just with a single click. It allows you to install over 400 applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more. It is popular among many web professionals for its easy usage and high availability of scripts.

Cloudflare CDN to Secure Website and Get High Speed

Cloudflare CDN is offered with their cPanel web hosting. You get an access to it via cPanel which routes your website traffic via a global network that improves the delivery time of web pages for the visitors browsing them. It also secures you from attacks.

Apart from these features, MilesWeb offers you the below features with their cPanel hosting:

  • Register your Free Domain Name
  • Free Website Migration
  • Pure SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Website Builder
  • Website Backup & Restore
  • Built-in Page Caching
  • Datacenter Choice


MilesWeb offers the best cPanel web hosting features to manage your web hosting account easily. Being an award-winning web host it ensure that your website runs smoothly and you get the best possible performance.

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